An Arizona woman has accused Trevor Bauer, a former major league pitcher, of sexual assault

She alleges that Bauer held a knife at her throat, choked her until she passed out, and raped her in late 2020, resulting in her becoming pregnant

Bauer has countersued the woman, accusing her of faking a pregnancy and attempting to extort money from him

The police did not recommend charges against Bauer after he filed a complaint against the woman for extortion, nor after the woman filed a sexual assault complaint against Bauer

Bauer admitted to having one consensual sexual encounter with the woman in 2020. she later claimed to be pregnant and demanded $1.6 million to terminate the pregnancy

According to Bauer's lawsuit, he ultimately paid $8,761 for expenses related to the woman's reported pregnancy and its termination

The woman, in her updated complaint, said she decided not to terminate the pregnancy but had a miscarriage

Bauer was suspended by Major League Baseball in 2021 after another woman accused him of beating and sexually abusing her